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Electric Cigarettes : Safety of your Health & the Environment
Thursday, 15 July 2010
A Guide to Quitting Smoking - Use an Electric Cigarette
Great news for cigarette smokers. You can quit smoking just by taking help from another cigarette only. Want to know how?? Here's your answer - just switch to Electric cigarettes.

Still thinking about how it is possible to quit and still get a feel of a cigarette? This is quite possible with the help of this newly innovated device, which runs on a battery and is not at all harmful. Which means users can smoke without having the fear of losing out on their health. They can be in the pink of health even while smoking, and also keep the environment pollution free.

As it is battery operated, usage is tension free in terms of cost. Plus, it comes with refillable cartridges filled with liquid nicotine. Since it comes in different flavors and strength, smokers can get cartridges refilled as and when required with their desired flavours. Depending upon their addiction, they can increase or decrease the strength.

Normally, smokers are unable to give up their age long habit as they are not able to get hands on any similar item which gives them the same satisfaction. But this new product furnishes their desire as per their will, and at the same time, keeps them in the pink of health. This means smoking an electric cigarette does no harm to the user neither to second hand smokers.

Scientists have specially invented this for the benefit of smokers only. No deadly components are used such as tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogens, which are the main causes of blockage of arteries, and diseases like lung cancer. Though smokers inhale liquid vapor containing nicotine, it does not smell, unlike smoke.

For the safety of our future generation and cutting down on passive smoking people should start using an electric cigarette, as a real cigarette creates a greater population of passive smokers that includes children and expected mothers. Most of the public places have banned smoking and have become non-smoking zones, but to make it a free zone, smokers have to switch to this new generation electric gadget and support the invention.

In comparison to real cigarettes, these are also very economical, thereby making them affordable to all income groups. In today's world, people are becoming more health conscious, so they prefer something which is less harmful to them along with satisfactory results.

Smokers - now, you too can save the environment. Just swap from a normal cigarette to an electric cigarette. As the smoke that is exhaled from a normal cigarette does not get dispersed in the air so easily, it makes our environment very polluted, so move to an e-cig right now!

For more resources visit: Ecig

Posted by joan8foley at 6:26 AM EDT
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